Hello Rurounians!

2018年 7月 20日 at 14:42 PM 1 Comment Site Related, Uncategorized

First of all, welcome to Atonement! Please be reminded that aside from the fact that the website is currently undergoing a system transition and pretty much empty at the moment, this is the unofficial fansite dedicated to the anime/manga series Rurouni Kenshin; meaning, we are not affiliated to Nobuhiro Watsuki or their management, BUT we are the official and approved fanlisting listed at TFL and TAFL. Latest news may be late, but we will try to give you the best and probably most accurate (crossed-out ‘coz I kind of doubting myself about that) information we could gather. Of course, the shrine information would be extremely impossible if it wasn’t for The-Oro and the rest of the Rurouni Kenshin community who contributed a lot. So if you have something and willing to share for the network to grow even more, you can send them in as a content donation and you will be 100% credited—it’s very much highly appreciated!

Secondly, majority of the shrine section is pretty much The-Oro reborn! But I’ll try to add up some more to it especially that the live actions has been released a couple of years ago. So please read up the disclaimer first and foremost before you started sending up hate mails or threatening messages regarding the reborn fact. XD Also, if you found anything inaccurate, whether it be a general information or releases, etc, contact us immediately for corrections.

Lastly, we are still unsure whether to host a photo gallery of Rurouni Kenshin or not. Since hosting thousands of images or scans of a well-known anime/manga series needs a lot of web space and bandwidth, we may drop the photo hosting because we sincerely can’t afford a yearly hosting plan for unlimited web space and bandwidth. Unless we’re able to gather funds to make up for the yearly bills, then we might reconsider.