Mangaka Some knowledge about the writer/artist of Rurouni Kenshin.

Name: Nobuhiro Watsuki
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Birthday: May 26, 1970
Weight: 66Kg
Height: 183 cm
Blood Type: A


In Tokyo, Japan, on May 26, 1970, a great artist was born. As a young child, Nobuhiro Watsuki practiced Kendo constantly at school. Unfortunately, though, he was not really good at it and never won his games. But at his high school, Nagoka High, Watsuki won the Pop Step Award for the manga, “Podmark“. He had been influenced by Osamu Tezuka and other artists like Fujiko Fujio in becoming a mangaka (manga artist).

Nobuhiro Watsuki assisted Takeshi Obata (Mangaka for Hikaru No Go) and has had many now known artists as assistants such as Eiichiro Oda (One Piece) and Hiroyuki Takei (Shaman King). He helped produce Arabian Lamp- Lamp and Chikara Mito Denzetsu. Around this time, Shueisha Jump were looking for some talent. As many might know, Shueisha has a tendency to take new artists and turn them into something big. They did just this in 1992 when Watsuki gave Shueisha a 31-page prelude to our Rurouni Kenshin. The excerpt was called Rurouni: The Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story, which can be found in Viz‘s Shonen Jump Graphic Novel Volume 1. Kenshin Volume 1 came out on 9-7-04 in Japan. From there on, Watsuki became famous.

In drawing Rurouni Kenshin, Nobuhiro Watsuki used various ideas in history and even in his own life. The series, as we know, is based on the Meiji Era and so Watsuki bases most of characters upon former soldiers and figures in this time period. To learn more about the characters’ actual figures, refer to the Characters page. Watsuki uses himself as a character somewhat also. His favorite character, Myojin Yahiko, symbolizes his own childhood along with the frustrated feelings he felt during his Kendo classes. People who met him during the Animecon in 2001 say he was very shy!

Watsuki is a normal person; he has interests and hobbies too! He likes to play video games like Vampire Hunter and Samurai Showdown. His favorite anime would be Neon Genesis Evangelion and Kodomo no Omocha. He likes reading some American comics like Spiderman and X-Men. He likes action movies too (wow 😉 such as Die Hard, Midnight Runner, and Back to the Future. Oh did I mention he loves Jim Lee? (Cause you all know Jim Lee is the best!)

Nobuhiro Watsuki is a great mangaka and we, along with many others, would like to see more of his publications. As for other works, Watsuki has worked on Gun Blaze West (but stopped after one volume) and his most recent work Buso Renkin began publication on June 2003 in Shueisha Jump, and ended in 2006. It is being made into an anime during Fall 2006. Let us all praise him and his genius. 😀

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