Quotes Memorable phrases from the characters.

Need some really cool Quotes from the RK Series? You’ve come to the right place! More to come… ^_^ Thank you Kasumi and Corrie. These quotes are mostly taken from scans.

Himura Kenshin

“Standing still is no longer permitted.”
“The happiness you lost once to this chaos, I will protect this time around.”
“Nothing is stronger than the will to live.”
“The answer is not fighting, but by living your life and atoning for your sins.”
“What the dead wish for is not revenge, but happiness for those left alive.”
“If it’s not too late, can there be another chance?”
“This one has no intention of having his name in your history.”
“I will not kill you. No matter what may happen, I will never kill you.”
“I have no personal grudge against you… but you must die for the new era.”
“There’s no room for false revolutionaries in Kyoto anymore.”
“What good is Himura Kenshin? What good is Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu… Kaoru…”
“The prestige of your school isn’t so important that you should wager your life on it.”
“A sword is a weapon. Kenjutsu is the art of killing. Whatever pretty words you use to speak of it, this is it’s true nature.”
“I have no attachment to the name ‘Battousai’, but I will not pass it on to a man like you.”
“And then there was one…”
“We didn’t fight for the power and glory of the government. It was to protect the world and build a world where people can pursue happiness. If we forget that, then we are mere hypocrites.”
“Foolish pride, or a sense of honor?”
“When they wouldn’t let me enter, those outside were treated to a short nap.”
“I was still speaking, be silent there for a while.”
“Oh, doodles!” (after looking at an ink painting)

Hiko Seijurou

“There is no need for me to introduce myself to one that is already dead.”
“Nobody should reach nirvana without the taste of good sake on their lips.”
“A sword is a weapon, kenjutsu is the art of killing. Whatever pretty words you use, this is its true nature.”

Kamiya Kaoru

“Everyone has one or two things in their past they don’t want to talk about.”
“Excuse me! I’m the one they call the Kenjutsu beauty.”

Makimachi Misao

“How does forgetting the person I love lead to happiness?!”

Myojin Yahiko

“I haven’t sunk so low that I take pity from strangers.”


“I know he’s lost things, but he hasn’t taken the the step of throwing them away.”


“What you need now is not a battlefield, but a place to rest your heart.”

Saitou Hajime

“A whipped dog who ran, tail between legs, ought not so love his own bark.”
“It’s dangerous to let your guard down until all your enemies have been defeated.”
“Aku. Soku. Zan.” (Kill Evil Swiftly)

Shakku Seiku

“If you live by the sword, you die by the sword.”

Shishio Makoto

“The weak are food for the strong.”
“Man’s true nature is violence, and this world is hell.”

Udo Jine

“A hitokiri is a hitokiri until death. You cannot be anything else.”

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