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Fanlisting Archive

08.AUG.2018 – We are currently transitioning to WordPress, so expect that the members page is a total mess. I apologize profusely.

05.DEC.2017 – Atonement has finally moved to her new home.

13.JAN.2013 – The cross-listing application for the live action movie of Rurouni Kenshin has been approved by The Fanlistings.ORG. The fanlisting’s design has been refurnished for this. Yay~!

27.FEB.2012 – So it’s 3:15AM here now and I’m finalizing the fanlisting. Atonement is now complete; up and running! I might be adding something here in the near future, especially in the media section. But for now, let’s just appreciate what the Rurouni Kenshin fanlisting currently have. Enjoy!

26.FEB.2012 – *Phew* I just finished completing the about (except the media) and fanlisting section today! I’ve been working for this fanlisting for three days now since I’ve received the approval email, I’m so happy and excited! And by the way, if you happen to spot an error, kindly please drop me an email.

23.FEB.2012 – Application form has been approved! ♥

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2003 Third Quarter Backtrack

August 17, 2003 – Posted by Shaza

Added a new site in the website directory, new fanart by Christabel. The Music Videos are available for download once again. It’s temporary though.

August 16, 2003 – Posted by Shaza

I came back from vacation and found that the-OrO had crashed :(. So it’s finally back up now, and everything is back to normal. Tommorow I will put back the music videos temporarily, so everyone be ready for that. Also I have added new commentaries on the Soujirou article, and 2 new sites. Welcome back to The-OrO.com ^^

August 1, 2003 – Posted by Shaza

We’re on vacation again for a week (10 days). We’ll be back on the 12th, but please don’t expect us to answer emails until then. A note: I thank everyone who is crediting us for the images they take off our site. It really is great to see that ^_^. You guys are awesome!

July 30, 2003 – Posted by Hisaam

Okay!!! Our site just came back right now. It’s 2 days early, so that’s always good. Anyways, the bandwidth limit was reached (100 gigs) which
is suprising even to me. I’m trying to figure out ways to lower the bandwidth. Most of it is derived from the forum. Anyways everything is back up everyone! Sorry for the long wait. Hopefully I will be able to prevent it this month. EDIT= Music Videos will be REMOVED by tommorow. They will be limited.

July 22, 2003 – Posted by Shaza

We’re Back ^_^. Okay there is a new thing under the fun and games in interactive. Check it out. It’s called eBay Freak. Also there is a link up for the
Jinchuu Arc Petition
, remember to sign it you guys!!

July 16, 2003 – Posted by Shaza

The-Oro will be on hiatus for 4 days. Please be patient with emails ^_^. We’re on vacation.

July 14, 2003 – Posted by Shaza

Today I added some new fanart by Jennifer Kim! Check it out! Also there is a new comment on the new kenshin article by Amy. It’s really nice
and backed up so remember to read that through, and submit any further commentary on the comments page ^_^. There is a new site in the web directory under the domain section. It is Thru Raccoon Eyes, its nice so see it. For upcoming updates look out for a new music video featuring Kryptonite. I still have to upload it, so it will be a while. But just a little hint for later. Anyways, that is about it for today!

July 11, 2003 – Posted by Hana

We have 2 new batches of fanart! One batch is from our oh-so-talented Christabel, that was a big batch! And the other one is from our great Hikari. Very nice art, go check it out! I also added a new page for Chibi and some new pictures for the Other Images. Furthermore, I had some ideas about new sections for the site… We’ll see about that later. Also, if you are a forum member, we have a new chat room, check it out on the Announcement in the General Chat forum!

July 9, 2003 – Posted by Shaza

Today there is a new fanart by talented Hikari! Her fanart is really creative and nice, so be sure to check it out! New Kenshin Music Video featuring Seihousen On other topics let me warn all direct linkers. I am truly tired of people direct linking the animated gifs and so forth. It eats my bandwidth. If this continues I will have to host them on a freeserver and that means pop-ups and annoying ads. Unless you want that please make sure to save to your own server, and ESPECIALLY do not use them for forums. Now that my webalizer is working I can track everyone down. So beware!!

July 8, 2003 – Posted by Shaza

Today I added a new music video by Neo Isaac! It features the Kenshin OVA. It’s really nice and a good download! Also there is a new doujinshi picture in the ‘others’ section of the image gallery. The credit for that goes to
Heart of a Dragon. Finally, there is one additional chibi fanart Shaza (me) in the fanart section ^_~.

July 7, 2003 – Posted by Hana

OK it seems that Hiroyuki has become a fanart queen 😛 I really like her fanart 🙂 Also, if our site loads slowly, I am very sorry since our Forum board is using a lot of the bandwidth I believe. We can’t really tell though, since our Webalizer is down at the moment.

July 6, 2003 – Posted by Hana

Hola fellow RK fans! Yes, Hana is back to update 😉 Ok, we have some new fanart from Hiroyuki! Very nice artist she is! Also, we have a new reply to our Soujirou Article. Check it out. And I want more people to join Heart of a Sword Forums, even though it’s doing pretty well, we need more people. The more the merrier! I also added a website submit, its Uta No Tenshi, it’s an MP3 site, very nice. And try to press F11 so you can view the “.com” link behind Kenshin’s head.

July 4, 2003 – Posted by Shaza

Happy 4th of July!!! Today I added about 5 images in the high quality anime and manga scans, and about 4 images in others. Also I added navigation to all picture pages, so now you can click on numbered pages *yay*. Also, there is some beautiful fanart by Christabel. Check it out!

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2003 Second Quarter Backtrack

June 30, 2003 – Posted by Shaza

Major update today! 2 new chibis have been added, 1 picture in the other images, 2 new anime scans, and 2 new manga scans. New fanart by Fusiongt, and 3 new sites on the RK webdirectory. There is also a new commentary by Yaone-chan for the Soujirou Article.

June 16, 2003 – Posted by Shaza

It’s finally up and READY! The Heart of A Sword Forums is a forum that is collaborated with 12 major RK webmasters. It’s the big project we were all working on. Now the first template is finished and everyone Join! All of you drop by and unite the RK community! Hope to see you there! P.S I’ve added to new pictures in the anime scans and new fanart by Modesty!

June 10, 2003 – Posted by Shaza

News! The new July 2003 Issue of Shonen Jump announced that Rurouni Kenshin will be out in manga on November of 2003. Shonen Jump featured 3 illustrated pages on Rurouni Kenshin for “newcomers”. However, the small caption in yellow that announced it in November did not specify whether it will be published in Shonen Jump or as another VIZ graphic novel. We’ll just have to wait and see *note* I found this out by suprise when the 7th subscription arrived. Also, Toonami will begin the Kyoto Arc on June 9th. The schedule is in a previous update. The Fan Art pages have been updated and commentary added to the Soujiro Article. I’m out for now and still working!

May 10, 2003 – Posted by Shaza

Okay! the site is still working, we will upload all at once. The Japanese Crash course still needs a bit of editing. It will be up somewhere next week. We are currently working on a big project with other RK webmasters. That will be up later. So a little more patience. More scans will be coming soon.

Kyoto Kombat has been up for some time now! Go ahead and download it. Please do not download or look at other things at once. Remember to sign our guestbook too. Arigatou! Fanart submissions? Go to the Interactive page! Also later this will be a Japanese crash history course in the interactive section. Its worth checking out!

May 4, 2003 – Posted by Hisaam

There is a new picture in the box set scans from the OVA’s. Its on the last page, with Tomoe and Kenshin. We joined RKWN! It is back up, go there. The Spectrum is back up, so check out the Kenshin manga translations there! We have been trying to upload Kyoto Kombat for a while now, but it always goes half way. Please do not try to download it until further notice!

April 30, 2003 – Posted by Shaza

Aight! After are major setback some links and updates were erased. First of all a long time back, RK started showing on TOONAMI (I’m not too enthusiatic.. but oh well) I had the schedule posted here for future reference and here it is again on. Anyways to the major update—I got this from Let it Burn, thanx so much for making it known. Rk is coming out in Manga! Yes!
That means, no more sitting on the computer staring at the screen for manga translations, it means nice comfy sofa: sitting and reading! Either way its been announced on the Anime News Network. It will be published by VIZ, but not sure in Shonen Jump or as a Graphic Novel, I hope both ^_^: I already suscribed to Shonen Jump in the 3rd issue before they raised it 10 dollars higher x_x. O! A site review by Tenken X is posted on the domain section, as for a link to their site in the credits! There will be some new Box set scans from the OVA coming along.. and maybe I’m looking forward to some playing card scans when I go and pick them up! Thats all for now-Update over and out ^_^

April 26, 2003 – Posted by Hana

Damn… I didn’t see all those broken links out there! I was just looking for a picture for a layout for my other site, and then noticed that there are so many broken links!!! How come no one reports them? Then I went through the whole Multimedia section and fixed everything I found. They used to all be fixed but then when are backup crashed, all the updated stuff did too. I added a new person to the Websites section. Welcome RK Heaven!!

April 14, 2003 – Posted by Shaza

Boy, this site should win an award for crashing. Anyways I’ve got the manga scans up and all my previous updates were gone since I didn’t have any recent backups, so the update before this is like in February x_x. The MP3’s are removed, if you really want them though email me, and I’ll see what I can do (like referring you to another site etc.) Anyways, still updating, there is really a hard time doing this.

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2003 First Quarter Backtrack

February 20, 2003 – Posted by Hana

Woot? It’s been 4 days! Our dad kind of changed the password to the computer so we never know when we can get online or not. We have a lot of guestbook entries now. Good thing cause we worked hard on the layout *phew* I hope people sign up for the the website link section. I mean it’s free hits to all those Kenshin sites. And people try not to sign the guestbook when you’re asking for affilation and all, fill out the form on the websites section for the form 😀

February 16, 2003 – Posted by Hisaam

All the minor mistakes are fixed, MP3 Ova page is fixed, pictures for the kenshin quiz are up, and everything of minor mistakes is fixed, if you find any more broken links contact us.

Posted by Shaza

Kenshin on TOONAMI. Check it out here, it starts March 17th. Kenshin will be more popular now peoples, and also remember all you old Kenshin fans, new ones are coming up, ones who didn’t buy it before ;). I’m not particularly excited though, this means demand will increase, and Kenshin merchandize will be common and mine won’t be special anymore *sniff*, neither will be my JP DVDs *sniff*. Had to say that!

Yay! I’m done. I really worked fast, I spent hours uploading again, but everything is done. It’s 12:54, so I’m 54 minutes past my 15th deadline. Sorry for the delay either way. Everything is up! Remember to sign my gbook!

February 15, 2003 – Posted by Shaza

It’s a real problem for this server. It crashed two days ago. I had loads of updates, not I’m uploading like crazy, and now I will keep an SQL backup.

January 23, 2003 – Posted by Hana

Just for the record, this is the actual day we got the site hosted and even started making the layout. Everything still needs work and is underconstruction. Have a nice day.